The departments that make up Motor Dealer Operations are the pistons in MotoNovo Finance’s engine - each team performs a function within the journey of a customer’s finance application as it moves through the business, from the moment we receive it to after the finance is paid out. These departments play a vital role in ensuring that our vision of ‘Best People, Best Products & Services, Best Results’ is achieved and delivered to our motor dealers.

The Scorecard team build and maintain our internal ‘scorecard’, which assesses and categorises the credit profile of a potential new customer. Using this information, the Underwriting team delivers quick decision times and ensures that MotoNovo is lending responsibly to all potential customers. The Payouts department then delivers industry-leading payout times, meaning that applying for finance with us is a smooth process for customers and dealers alike.

Our Partner Services team are then there to support and answer queries from our motor dealers throughout their relationship with us, and our Dealer Engagement Team ensures that our prospective and current dealer partners are aware of the services and products that are available to them. Finally, Dealer Funding is responsible for assessing risk in the approval and day-to-day management of the company’s funded dealer portfolio.