Group Support does exactly that – it’s made up of the departments that help to support the company, and is crucial to the daily functioning of every department. The functions that support the MotoNovo Finance Group are varied, and in short include:

Business Optimisation

They provide assurance to the business, reviewing business operations and making recommendations for change, improvement and advancement.


Compliance and Regulatory Risk help ensure that the business complies with applicable laws, regulations and rules.

Credit Risk

Responsible for ensuring that MotoNovo Finance makes responsible and sustainable credit and lending decisions.

Executive Support Team

This includes our lovely and very helpful Reception team, who also provide PA support to our Executive Team.


Oiling the wheels of the company, Facilities enable the smooth running of the business premises.


The Finance team provide financial control and accountancy for the MotoNovo group, including budgeting and reporting.

Financial Crime

The Financial Crime team protect the MotoNovo Group from key criminal risks relating to fraud, money laundering, bribery and tax evasion. They also provide an advisory service, reveiwing criminal legislation and implementing effective controls to mitigate risks.


Responsible for all areas of hardware and software throughout the business, IT are vital to our ability to innovate.


The Marketing department ensure that our products and services are what we say they are - innovative and customer/dealer centric – whilst protecting MotoNovo’s integrity as a strong brand and developing the products that we offer.

Office Administration

Supports the wider administration for the organisation, including the production and posting of customer letters.

Operational Risk

This department provides crucial operational risk consultancy, oversight and assurance to the MotoNovo Group.  They are responsible for helping managers to assess and mitigate any business risk the company may incur during the normal day to day running of the business. This team is also responsible for monitoring the regulations that affect MotoNovo Finance, ensuring we comply with these laws and are operating in the customer’s best interests.

Project Office

Responsible for facilitating and managing any changes throughout the business, from smaller efficiency-led projects, to big product launches.

Recruitment, Learning & Development, HR

HR works with employees and takes care of every part of their employment journey. From joining the business, to individual development and employee support, HR is fundamental to the business.