We’re celebrating National Apprenticeship Week! Looking towards building the future, this week celebrates the positive impact apprenticeships have on building skills and knowledge to kick start careers.

As part of the Aldermore Group, we currently have 60 apprentices across the business working towards qualifications in everything from Data Analytics to HR and Accountancy!

On the road to gaining his Risk in Financial Services qualification, we caught up with Mohammad Yousofzai, our Compliance & Risk Officer apprentice, to give you a snapshot of what life as an apprentice is like…

How did you find the opportunity?

I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship programme, so I decided to browse through all the possible sites; one of them being the Government website, which is where I came across the Aldermore Bank apprenticeship programme.

What was the recruitment process like and how did you find the interview?

The recruitment process was simple and interactive which made it enjoyable through each stage. It began by sending my CV over, followed by an informal chat with Kevin (Head of Governance & Controls). I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, which further sparked my interest to learn more about the role and the business. I then received an email to invite me along for an interview. I made sure to prepare by speaking to some of the colleagues on LinkedIn to better understand the role and the business. The interview was conducted face to face in the Reading office and lasted about an hour, with various competency questions. However, I felt relaxed and comfortable and able to be myself.

Tell us a little about your programme?

The programme is 18 months, leading to a ‘Risk in Financial Services’ qualification. It allows me to gain first-hand experience within the banking industry as a Business Controls Coordinator. With this I can actively balance work and study, as so much is interlinked, making it easier for me to understand the importance of my role.

How and where are you able to apply this to your role?

I gather information from my study material by looking at different types of regulatory authorities, risks and controls. This enables me to use it in between work and studying, deepening my knowledge and understanding.

What has surprised you most so far?

One of the things that has surprised me most about my role is the responsibility I’m provided with; I’m treated like any other employee. This is motivating as it makes you feel part of a team and more valued. It’s also a way of getting out of your comfort zone to achieve goals you had not initially thought of. The role provides a great level of oversight into the business, as I’m able to work and interact with colleagues from every business line and function. This helps me see the bigger picture within the business and that’s what really makes this role unique and enjoyable.

What elements are you enjoying?

One of the elements I’m enjoying is the variety of work I perform. From working with IT to Business Finance. The variety of work and being pushed out of my comfort zone is a great learning curve and can be enjoyable as I start to realise the potential I have when tackling the task in hand.

Any challenges?

One of the challenges I’ve faced was being new to the finance world with no financial experience. However, after initial training my knowledge within the financial industry has increased sufficiently and continues to. In addition, my manager has implemented a development plan to help deepen my understanding of finance and the business itself. Another challenge I faced was working from home, however I was supported throughout the process and now do so comfortably.

Thoughts on your forward career?

Currently I enjoy working within the Business Controls team, due to the oversight and variety of work I’m given. However, I would certainly look forward to becoming technical and in-depth within my role.

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