We wouldn’t be MotoNovo without our trusty teams, customers and network of dealer partners. One moving part of Team MotoNovo is our Collections department. Responsible for helping our customers, we caught up with some of the team to give you an insight on what life as a Collector is like…

Tell us what a typical day looks like in Collections?

Alisha: Collections is an exciting fast paced environment. Bringing fresh challenges whilst working as a team and as an individual.

Azim: Nearly every day is something new. Taking inbound calls, managing complaints on early resolution timescales and implementing new process and comms. It’s very fast paced.

What’s the best part about your job?

Alisha: Helping and supporting others. Being part of development of others and seeing/making a change. I also enjoy the versatility within my day to day work.

Azim: Working within my team to ensure we’re hitting targets, meeting timelines and also keeping on top of any outstanding work.

What has been your greatest challenge and most memorable moment in your role so far?

Alisha: My greatest challenge and most memorable moment at MotoNovo has to be being offered the position as Collections Coach. This was a memorable moment for me as it was something that I’m passionate about and worked towards throughout my time as a Collector. I strived to exceed in my role and worked to the best of my ability, sometimes this became a challenge but I always remained resilient.

Azim: One of the biggest challenges was adapting to working from home.  

What made you want to work at MotoNovo?

Alisha: A fresh start to work somewhere new, in a completely different role and environment. I saw it as an opportunity to contribute to a fast-moving company and build my career. I was drawn to the culture and diversity and felt like it was the perfect fit for me. After finding out more about MotoNovo, it drew me even further into the company and showed me the opportunities that are available for everyone.

Azim: The energy in the company carried through all departments is like no other. There’s always a friendly face around every corner willing to help. MotoNovo being one of the fastest growing independent finance  providers, expanding their office to the new building in One Central Square back in 2012 and the growth in staff numbers was something to stand out.

What support has MotoNovo provided you with?

Alisha: I’ve had ongoing support throughout my 19 months at MotoNovo from start to finish. This has consisted of one-to-one sessions with my manager, drop in sessions with the Head of Collections, meetings/sessions around wellbeing and more! Support is always offered by colleagues and management to ensure needs are met, alongside support within your role or if you’re looking to expand and develop into a new role.

Azim: MotoNovo have supported me with many things from office working to home working throughout the pandemic and supporting me with my LIBF Qualifications to get me on track to completing my CEMAP Qualification. My interests are taken seriously and this has shown with anything I’ve needed support on.

What advice would you give for someone looking to pursue a career in a customer facing role?

Alisha: Be confident, believe in yourself and put your best foot forward[DS2] .

Azim: Collections can be fast paced but there’s always new challenges and great support from teammates, management and great chances for progression. It can be very rewarding where hard work and efforts don’t go unnoticed.

And finally, sum up what life at MotoNovo is like in 3 words…

Alisha: Fun, challenging, rewarding.

Azim: Fast-paced, motivating and advanced.

Our Collections team make up just a fraction of Team MotoNovo. Keep an eye out on our vacancies page for more opportunities and follow us on Facebook to hear more from snippets from our other teams.