The Graduate Scheme is a two year, full-time programme of work, training and academic study – a truly advantageous stepping stone into the world of financial services.

This year, two new graduates were welcomed into the MotoNovo family.

The Graduate Scheme is a two year, full-time programme of work, training and academic study – a truly advantageous stepping stone into the world of financial services. Following on from our success with our previous graduates, Olivia Manley and Jordan Covello who both went on to secure permanent positions here at MotoNovo, we welcomed two new graduate students in September 2019, Luke and Joanna.  We caught up with them both to get an insight into the journey that led them to our MotoNovo Graduate Programme, and how they’re finding the experience so far…

Name: Luke Robins
Age: 21
Job title: Trainee Operational Risk Officer, Operational Risk
Sum yourself up: Energetic, approachable, adaptable and curious

Name: Joanna Przybyl
Age: 24
Job title: Trainee Business Improvement Officer
Sum yourself up: Motivated, reliable and hardworking

Tell us about your background:

Joanna: My education was split between three different countries, concluding in a degree in Business Management from Aberystwyth University.  I gained work experience through a number of different avenues including part time jobs, internships and volunteering. I believe that both my education and experiences within the workplace will help me to settle within my role and enable me to contribute to the success of MotoNovo Finance.

Luke: Before joining MotoNovo, I worked as a children’s swimming teacher and gained work experience at GE Health Care as well as gaining a degree from Swansea University. I hope my critical thinking and analytical skills will add real value to the Operational Risk team.

Tell us about yourself:

Joanna: My greatest achievement to date is being awarded first place in the Minnesota ‘Best 100’ art competition. Outside of work, I really enjoy outdoor pursuits - especially hiking and rock climbing.

Luke: I’m very sporty; in fact I’ve probably had a go at most sports you could think of! I also love food (both eating and making it) and make an effort to try out new and different foods all the time. Travelling is another passion of mine; next on my list is Scandinavia.

Tell us how you found us:

Joanna: After graduating from university I was looking for ways to continue my education while simultaneously gaining some practical experience. Luckily I came across the Welsh Financial Services Graduate Programme (which MotoNovo is a part of), providing experience in lots of different fields while studying part-time towards an MSc qualification - so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me!

Luke: I joined MotoNovo Finance through the Welsh Financial Services Programme. When told I was going to work for MotoNovo on my first placement (which is 8 months) I was very curious because I hadn’t heard of them before. However, I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here, everyone is friendly and willing to talk to me no matter what their position, and I feel I have settled in well as a MotoNovian.

Tell us why you’re here:

Joanna: I’m working in the Business Architecture department, supporting a range of process management and business improvement initiatives.  I’m really excited to be working alongside my lovely new colleagues and hope to deliver great change within the business. I believe that my time here will be an invaluable experience.

Luke: I joined to try something completely new in an industry I knew nothing about. So, here I am in the Operational Risk team as a Risk Officer, learning how to protect   MotoNovo and mitigate risk. When I leave in 8 months’ time I hope that I will have gained enough competencies to be able to converse with anyone about risk management at a high level. I also look forward to meeting lots of new people and broadening my network of friends.

Sum us up!

Joanna: Welcoming, successful, innovative and supportive

Luke: A welcoming, fun, comfortable, friendly, family