During October 2019, MotoNovo Finance introduced 7 new Apprentices to the business. Now in its second year, our Apprenticeship scheme seems to be an increasingly popular way to gain essential experience in the industry while achieving a nationally recognised qualification. We caught up with our latest intake of Apprentices to find out how they found the interview process and how well they’re settling into the business…

The process for gaining this job was really fun and interactive and I was over the moon when I was informed that I’d been given the position. I now work in a wonderful team in the underwriting department, working towards my financial services qualification!


  • Ciara Branigan-George, 18 – IT Apprentice
  • Ella Woodland, 18 - Operational Risk Apprentice
  • Ihsan Khan, 19 - Sales Support Apprentice
  • Laura Chapman, 17 - IT Apprentice
  • Natalie Oliver, 20 - Underwriting Apprentice
  • Tyler D’Urso, 17 – Business Support Apprentice

Tell us about your background

Laura - I left school in July after finishing my AS levels and applied for this apprenticeship right away as I believe an apprenticeship is a perfect opportunity to learn, while gaining real life experience in the workplace.

Tyler - I attended high school in Newport and came out with 12 GCSES. During this time, I completed the ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ award and  a leadership award in sports coaching. Both of these experiences gave me valuable teamwork and leadership skills which I’ve found very useful so far as an apprentice, in-particular - perseverance, problem solving and communication.

Natalie - Upon completing my A levels, I went on to work 2 jobs - my full time job as a Travel Agent for TUI, alongside working at a hotel spa on my days off. Working for TUI gave me a wide range of customer service skills – especially when dealing with customer complaints!

Last Summer I fled the nest and decided to mix my two career paths together and join the world’s largest cruise ship - the Norwegian Escape - travelling the Caribbean as an Elemis Electrical facial specialist. I thought I was living the dream…

Tell us more about yourself

Ihsan – My greatest achievement is officially being able to buy a house at the age of 19! My favourite Netflix series has to be Money Heist, simply because of the insane thought process within each episode.  In terms of my hobbies and interests, I really enjoy playing football and also Martial Arts. Alongside those, I enjoy constantly educating myself on how the banks trade the Forex Markets (Currency Trading).

Laura - My greatest achievement was most likely getting this apprenticeship. I feel like there was a lot of competition, but luckily I was able to stand out. I watch a lot of Netflix in my free time. My favourite binges are Z Nation, Santa Clarita Diet and Big Bang Theory. My hobbies and interests include playing computer games, cooking, spending time with my family and sleeping.

Tell us how you found us

Ciara - I found the apprenticeship position online, and applied because of my interest in IT. The interview went smoothly, and I heard that I got the position by phone call. I was over the moon, and I’m very happy to be here!

Ihsan - I was constantly looking for jobs and apprenticeships. Preferably Apprenticeships as I liked the ‘earn while you learn’ factor. I actually didn’t know MotoNovo were recruiting until one of my friends sent me his referral link for the position. I saw it as the perfect opportunity and took it. The application process was fairly straightforward. The interview wasn’t as formal as I feared, which made me feel much more comfortable and gave me an insight into the amazing culture at MotoNovo.

Laura - I decided to apply for the position because IT is something that I’ve always had an interest in. The interview went really well - I didn’t really know what to expect, but luckily it was a  calm and controlled environment. I was offered the position on a bus ride home. I was ecstatic!

Ella - After finishing my A Levels I wanted to gain experience in the workplace and the apprenticeship sounded like a great opportunity to do that! The interview process went smoothly and I when I got a call offering me the position, I was over the moon.

Natalie – After my stint on the cruise ship, I went back to working at the hotel in Kent, but I was in the Account’s and Sales office this time instead of the spa. I absolutely loved it, but there was something missing - I was driving around in a 52 plate Mini One which would break down every 5 days – so I decided to treat myself to a new car! After days of searching I found one, a “Doom blue” Audi TT convertible, but there was a catch – it was in Wales. On New Year’s Eve my dad and I travelled 4 hours to Cardiff to buy the car I had fallen in love with, but that wasn’t the only thing I fell for! Ten months later I relocated to Cardiff to move in with my car dealer (then boyfriend) and apply for a job with his go-to finance company which was - you guessed it – MotoNovo Finance!

The process for gaining this job was really fun and interactive and I was over the moon when I was informed that I’d been given the position. I now work in a wonderful team in the underwriting department, working towards my financial services qualification!

Tell us why you’re here

Ciara - In my role, I’ll be learning all aspects of IT Support such as setting up accounts for new people in the business, troubleshooting IT problems and organising desk moves, etc. I’m really looking forward to getting more ‘real world’ experience and learning lots of valuable skills.

Ella - I applied for the role at MotoNovo because I thought it looked like a nice environment to work in. I’m hoping the experience I get here will open up even more opportunities at the same time as completing my qualification!

Ihsan - My role involves of a lot of reporting, which requires attention to detail. I’m looking forward to  working in such a friendly environment where everyone is always looking to improve and develop. After my apprenticeship, I hope to progress within the company and possibly gain some experience within different departments.

Tyler - My role at MotoNovo is about supporting the business; this includes answering questions from other departments, distributing mail to customers and sorting the mail we receive. I hope to gather lots of new skills and knowledge during my time here which will help me to take my career to its full potential.

Sum us up!

Ciara - Real people with real values.

Laura - Supportive, fun, educational and diverse.

Ella - Innovative, supportive, driving