This role requires you to build relationships with your team, the staff and your dealerships. The best way to do this is to ask questions, be transparent and most importantly, just be you.

How long have you been an Account Manager?

I’ve been an Account Manager at MotoNovo Finance for 11 months.

Did you always want to be an Account Manager?

No, not always. I had a banking and finance background before moving into the motor industry. Along the way I learnt of the Account Manager role and once I understood how rewarding it could be, my sights were set, and now here I am!

What did you do prior to your role as an Account Manager for MotoNovo?

Prior to my role at MotoNovo, I worked my way up the ranks and landed the role of Retail Manager for BMW, where I was responsible for managing a large team of Sale Executives. My aim was to increase finance, insurance and car sales while ensuring an outstanding customer experience was delivered by me and the team.

Why did you apply for the Account Manager role at MotoNovo Finance?

Once I felt ready for a new challenge, I started looking around for relevant roles and stumbled across the MotoNovo vacancy. Naturally, I did my research. MotoNovo stood out to me because of its beliefs and philosophy, the clear commitment to the wellbeing of staff and its many achievements; demonstrating a truly forward thinking business.

What advice would you give to an aspiring Account Manager?

This role requires you to build relationships with your team, the staff and your dealerships. The best way to do this is to ask questions, be transparent and most importantly, just be you.

What has been your proudest moment in your role so far?

My proudest moment was securing a 1st string position within a franchise dealer for all used vehicles and replacing the manufacturer with MotoNovo funding too! This was a huge achievement for me in my first 4 months working in the field. It wasn’t all down to the acquisition, but how they started to perform and work under my guidance.

What challenges do you face on a day to day basis?

Time is so precious when you’re on the road. You need to be effective and flexible. You may have planned a day perfectly, but a phone call or conversation could take your whole day in a different direction and you need to be able to react and prioritise.

What’s the best part about your job?

There are many great parts to this role, but the main thing for me is that sense of controlling your own destiny (to an extent). You can build up your territory and put your own stamp on things. When you start to see a business you’ve partnered with develop and grow, it’s so rewarding. When that dealership you’ve chosen to visit twice a week for the last 12 weeks finally says yes to your proposition you can step back and think… I did that, and you’ll get all the support you need along the way.

How often do you get to meet up with the team?

I meet up with my regional team at least once a month at a sales meeting to get updates on what’s been happening within the region and business-wide, along with upcoming plans. We then meet with the whole MotoNovo sales team once a quarter to get an overview of our performance as a business and an insight into the company’s future plans.

What support have you received to be a successful Account Manager at MotoNovo?

The support I have received has been fantastic. From the start of the role, you get a chance to spend time with most (or all) of the Account Managers in your region. This really helps to build up relationships so you have someone to call on when you need to ask a question, get a second opinion or have just had a challenging day.

I’ve definitely found this useful as I have never worked in field sales before and there is lots to learn and so many scenarios. The encouragement and leadership my line manager has shown me is a driving factor to how I have performed in the field. The leadership style encourages me to do my best and challenges me to think differently and remain happy and motivated to keep pushing forward.

What does the future look like for you?

I have always been ambitious and that hasn’t changed. While I hone my skills as an Account Manager, I will work on a development plan to take me to the next level. I’d love to be able to manage a team again one day. My other goal is to give back by working in learning and development. Seeing people develop and improve is so rewarding.