Meet Kate, one of our Test Analysts, part of our Testing team within our IT function. She gave us an insight into her role and the journey of her career so far.  

What does a Test Analyst do?

I test the system changes, or websites which are delivered to MotoNovo Finance before they go live. I aim to make sure there is nothing wrong with the product to the best of my knowledge, based on business requirements. Anything that does not perform correctly or how we want it to gets raised as a bug and sent back to the development team to fix. It will then be released and sent back to me for re-testing. Once I’m completely happy with the deliverable, I can sign it off; further sign off processes will then take place before the project goes live.

Have you always wanted a career in the Technology sector?

If I’m honest, I didn’t think I would go into technology. I’ve always been really sporty, so I thought I’d probably go down that route; that was until I was about 15 and my football coach turned to me and said ‘everyone who you play football with will try to do sport, find something else you’re good at so you can stand out from the rest.’ So I did. IT came quite easily to me, I found I could grasp it first time round, unlike other subjects. IT turned out to be my best GCSE and A-Level grade, so I chose to go on to study it at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where I achieved a BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems and MSc Information Communication Technology Management (while still playing football in my spare time).


Did you get any work experience in IT or technology before this role?

I worked with my sister at an air conditioning firm where they were having a restructure of the way they worked. Instead of engineers completing paperwork after carrying out a job, they were given new hand-held terminals to complete the paperwork as they went - removing the need for administerial jobs. I did work experience with them for 4 weeks whilst at university, and was involved during the User Acceptance Testing phase which really highlighted to me that it wasn’t as black and white as the textbooks indicated.


Why did you apply for your role at MotoNovo Finance?

My first job after university taught me some basic fundamentals, but I didn’t find it challenging enough, I had heard that MotoNovo Finance were an innovative company, so I decided to apply for a role. I came to MotoNovo with just over a year experience and have learnt so much since joining. It has been a really challenging yet rewarding career so far.


What could society do to encourage even more women to start a career in tech?

I think we should be encouraging everyone to develop their IT skills, especially in predominantly female orientated roles, so they are given the basic tools to understand and try to fix an issue with their computer/system/website themselves. In some cases this may spark an interest and encourage people to learn more.

The IT Sector is growing and hopefully this will help inspire more women in the industry to apply for roles when they appear. Showcasing and profiling women in tech (in blogs such as this) will hopefully encourage others to take that leap if it’s what they want for the next step of their career.

It’s also a good idea to raise awareness of the free websites and apps which are available to everyone these days, allowing anyone to learn new skills in their free time or encourage them to try a new career path.