I came across the MotoNovo advert and it just grabbed my attention; despite having never worked in finance before, I believed I had the right skillset for the role and the overall job package was attractive too. It was the culture and strive to be innovative that really interested me. It seemed like a forward thinking company and an exciting proposition to be a part of. The advantage of the Assessment Day meant that I had the opportunity to see what representatives of the company were like and ensure that the fit was right for me too. I was pleased that how I’d perceived the company to be was reflected by everyone that was there on the day, from the Account Manager, the Regional Manager and the Recruiter. 

What initially interested me about the role was the opportunity to manage and develop my own challenges, and adjusting my skillset to work in a new industry. There were many aspects of the role that were standard to that of any account manager regardless of the industry, so I knew I was more than capable of carrying out the role. Before being invited to the Assessment Day, I was a little bit worried that my lack of experience in the motor or finance industry would be a hindrance so I went with an open mind, however I was reassured that training would be offered when joining the company in order to equip me for the role. Following the Assessment Day, it was the company’s culture and their values that really stood out to me; I wanted to be proud of the company I work for and feel like a valued member of the team.

As far as recruitment processes goes, it was a really enjoyable experience. The first stage process was an Assessment Day with around 10 other candidates in attendance from various backgrounds. After being introduced to the company and the role, the morning consisted of various tasks, some of which were motor/finance related and others weren’t; at no point did I feel uncomfortable or out of place which was initially one of my fears. The afternoon involved an informal interview where they aimed to get to know you as a person a bit more. The second stage interview was held at the head office in Cardiff. This was a fantastic opportunity to see what MotoNovo is like up close and personal. There was a presentation to prepare in advance which I delivered on the day of the interview to the Regional and Divisional Manager. This was more formal, however every effort was made to make me feel comfortable and relaxed so that I could just be myself.

Before being offered the job I was given so much insight into the role. On the Assessment Day, there were two account managers from the East Midlands team who spoke about their typical day was like. They both emphasised that no two days are the same and that it is a fast paced and ever changing environment that they work in. What I didn’t expect was the support given from around the business; everyone was so warm and welcoming, and so willing to offer any help I needed. I found this very helpful as I had no experience in finance or the motor industry, so my knowledge in this area was very new, but the support and help from everyone helped me build this.

Training has been a constant feature throughout my time at MotoNovo Finance and didn’t end once I completed the Account Manager training. This was something that really attracted me to the company; they really support the ongoing development of their staff. The Account Manager training involved a mixture of on the job training and group based training. The course was spaced out which meant you had the opportunity to go out into the field and practice what you’d learned and make it work for you. I enjoy spending time out with my colleagues, seeing what works best for them and taking that back with me to my dealers. Even my dealers have become the best source of knowledge and biggest learning tool.

The company is so supportive and I’ve been given every opportunity to take on new learnings and develop myself in the role, even in such a short space of time. There’s a feeling that everyone’s in it together and on a level playing field, which is a great environment to thrive and learn in.



Meet Emily, one of our Account Managers from our East Midlands Region. Emily has been with us since September 2017. We asked Emily why she wanted to join the MotoNovo Team, and her experience so far.