I started at MotoNovo Finance back in 2015 where my first role was working on the Service Delivery team as a Service Desk Analyst.

I spent the next 3 years providing daily support to the company which mainly consisted of desktop support for all manner of applications and services.  What I liked about this role was the varied interaction I had with everyone in the business.  The culture at Motonovo Finance really is open, friendly and approachable.

I got to see first-hand the IT department develop and grow. It has gone from a small team of around 15 people to now around 45 people all working to support, maintain and operate central IT services, to respond to business change needs and to develop the business with new technologies. We now have nine teams each specialising in a certain area, these include an Infrastructure team, a Service Delivery team, a Management Information Services team, an Application Development Team, The IT Programme Management team, The Information and Security Technology team and the Enterprise Architecture team. Having seen the department grow its been nice to see the culture of the team develop too. Everyone is approachable and friendly and we have even set up a 5 a side football team in the competitive works leagues!

As I have seen the IT department grow and bring in the specialised areas I started to think about my career and what I wanted to do in the future. That’s one thing I like about the culture here they encourage people to think about what they want to do in the future. I have always had an interest in Information Security and Cyber Security which started when I was in university but I found it difficult to break into that area with such little experience. When the Information Security team formed I knew I had to find out more about this area. I had no security or cyber security experience only what I had learnt at university and what I read up online in my spare time. I took it upon myself to approach the Head of Security and Technology to try and find out more about this area and what the team could potentially look like. We had a good chat and my interest only grew in this area.

Then finally a Junior Security Engineer vacancy became available. I wasted no time and applied for the role and was excited and nervous when I got invited in for an interview. I went prepared and did all of my research to show how determined and interested I was to be successful for this role. I was aware I had very little exposure to this area but I showed my confidence, enthusiasm and determination to learn and do well in the role.

This must have paid off because I was successful for the role. It felt great to think they wanted to take me on in this newly formed team and invest in me to learn and develop here. I have been in this role now for just over 6 months and recently passed my probation.

On a day to day basis I check and monitor all the business security systems and check them against the policies in place. I still have a lot to learn and the team is still only small. There’s myself, another Security Engineer and my Manager. You could say I am the rookie of the team but I have excellent support and guidance from my team, they are always there sharing their knowledge and experiences with me.

I feel valued within the team and I have the opportunity to really build my knowledge in this area. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the team grow, not just within security but within the IT department as a whole. MotoNovo Finance has really helped and invested in me and because of them I’m looking forward to having a good career ahead of me.

 MotoNovo Finance has really helped and invested in me and because of them I’m looking forward to having a good career ahead of me.