6am, my alarm sounds. I snooze for 30 minutes (obviously) and then make the all mighty effort to actually get out of bed. I go about my morning routine with my eyes half open until that first sip of coffee touches my soul and BAM! I’m ready to tackle the day…

Upon entering the beautiful, state-of-the-art  home of MotoNovo Finance I’m greeted by my fellow colleagues with a few ‘hello’s’ and ‘good morning’s. All along still feeling smug that I managed to actually get a seat on the train this morning.

I sit at my desk and graciously accept the cup of tea that my colleague has just offered to make. Then start the mental checklist; open the in-house systems and my emails, get out notepad and pen, quick check of today’s schedule, open todays motivational email from team leaders, check yesterday’s stats, headset on, it’s 9am and GO!

Feeling positive about the day ahead I answer my first call and chat away. All the while delivering exceptional customer service of course because I am a perfectionist!

Before I know it, it’s lunch time. I practically sprint to our huge kitchen which we’ve quite aptly named ‘One Central Perk’ ha! Warm up my jacket potato in the microwave which is the perfect location to chinwag about what happened on BBC’s Dr Foster episode last night and try not to get drowned out by the sound of the football banter at the toastie machine.

Feeling a little lethargic from eating too much at lunch, I welcome our weekly team meeting. This one in particular was arranged to congratulate and give thanks to our team member Zhane for so bravely and selflessly shaving her head for charity last week! That’s 60cm of hair people! (It’s not too late to donate, see link below).

I leave the team meeting on a high and ready to take on the final stretch of the afternoon. Headset back on head, answering calls and hitting my targets (I want the top bonus this month!).

Its 5pm and the 9-5’s start packing up for the day. Some of my team are heading straight to the MotoNovo bingo night in One Central Perk. I, of course declined this offer as I have a prior engagement with the gym. 

Just kidding, I went to the bingo night.


Feeling positive about the day ahead I answer my first call and chat away.